• Dr. Jason Bachewich ND

Online Lyme Course - Available Soon!

Are you interested in learning how to treat your Lyme or co-infection? Dr. Jason Bachewich ND will be posting an online course that you can learn at your own speed, at your home and at convenient times.

What will be covered?

How do Lyme and the Co-infections present?

What is the best way to test? Why do some tests show negative? What are false positives and why does this happen?

What are underlying issues that complicated Lyme patients? Toxins, Viruses, Hormones, Food allergies etc.

What medicines and techniques are best for each situation? ozone, Vit. C, herbs, vitamins, sauna, Antibiotics etc

Which antibiotics are best for each situation? You will learn how to decide which might be the best to ask for and what dosing regimes

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