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Updated: Jan 15, 2019

My motivation for starting this website was to provide a place to help Lyme disease and infectious disease patients was to bring awareness to those suffering, not knowing they have Lyme disease and for those that do have the diagnosis, to help them find a path to health. My goal to to provide a resource that patients can refer to so they understand the many facets of Lyme disease treatment and also to understand the complexity of the process.

What type of testing do I need?

Do I even have Lyme disease or is it something else?

What do I do?

What do I expect?

Is there hope?

These are all topics that I will address through this website as well as the blog, Facebook and instagram posts. #lymedisease #lymedoc #coinfections #NaturopathicDoctor

www.lymedoc.net www.thenaturedoctors.ca

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Dr. Jason is the co-owner of Nature Doctors in Winnipeg and practices with a focus on Lyme disease, co-infections and hidden viral infections.   His life has been personally affected by Lyme disease and it has inspired him to create a clinic providing the best possible care.


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