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Mycotoxins - Is this why you are not getting better?

Often times with Lyme patients we see some resolution of symptoms but not all. Their white blood cell counts do not return to normal and specifically their CD57+ stay suppressed. In most accounts this is due to toxicity.

Toxicity can be man-made chemicals, mycotoxins from mold or heavy metals. These can build up in the system due to high exposures or from genetically being a poor detoxifier. All of these can be tested for through simple urine tests.

Exposures to these toxins could have happened many decades ago or yesterday. Most of these chemical/ metals/ poisons can stay in the body forever, if the body is unable to detoxify them. is fully set up to explore reasons why you are not responding to treatment. Dr. Jason Bachewich ND as well as his team will help you on your road to recovery.

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