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Disulfiram, Dapsone and Lyme Disease

These are the common questions I get asked:

Can you prescribe Disulfiram or Dapsone for Lyme?

Or do you know a doctor that can prescribe Disulfiram or antibiotics for Lyme?

Do Dapsone or Disulfiram kill chronic Lyme disease?

The most honest answer to all of these statements is no but maybe......

In Winnipeg, Manitoba we have a public health care system that is disconnected but free. This means that we do have the TICCS clinic - the first publicly funded Lyme clinic in Canada BUT...... you need a referral from a family doctor. Sometimes this is hard to get if your MD doesn't believe in Lyme disease or understand the symptoms apart from the classic bullseye lesion and joint pain.

Disulfiram has gained some publicity with the chronic lyme community but there is no guarantee of cure and there are risks just as neuropathy and liver damage.

The best results occur when a patient is eating the correct Lyme diet, taking supplements to counteract side effects, other to increase detox or elimination of the herx reaction and other antimicrobials to help kill the bacteria. It is important to have a well rounded plan that can include IV therapies and sauna or hyperthermia as well.

Nature Doctors - Naturopathic Family Medicine Inc. - can help you with diagnosis, communication with your MD, referral to Lyme literate doctors and the complete health plan to get the most out of these medications.

Have a healthy summer.

Dr. Jason Bachewich ND

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