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Antibiotics - Lyme Myths

First thing you must understand about antibiotics and chronic lyme is that it is never easy. There are really 4 categories of patients:

1. Those that take antibiotics, a few supps and expect results as long as they do it for long enough

2. Those that take antibiotics, do a lot of supps and expect quick results

3. Those that take supps and do energetic medicine or fancy machines to cure their lyme

4. Those that decide that this is an opportunity to analyze how they are living, how they make decisions, where their mind goes when they are in a place of little hope AND then, decide to take a wholistic approach to healing from an emotional, physical and spiritual place.

Which one do you think is the most successful?

Chronic Lyme exploits your weaknesses. It finds the deficiencies in your lifestyle and digs in. It breaks you down emotionally so that in the few moments of clarity you may get, you quickly cling to a miracle cure.

Miracles rarely happen. I see this time and time in my practice. Intravenous ozone, Vit. C, hyperbaric ozone, peroxide, bioresonance, etc. will not cure it. There is no miracle cure. Your body will know what to do BUT you need to get out of its way.

- Emotional blocks, stress, regrets and sorrow all block healing if not resolved.

- Diet - are you feeding the infection or feeding your immune system. Bugs like sugar. When we grow them in a lab, we add sugar to petri dishes so they flourish BUT why do we add it to our body.

My biggest frustration as a practitioner is watching people do what they think is best through their personal bias or an internet article. What is best for them might not be for the next. What is common amongst most patients is their faith that chemical medicine will cure the disease and ignore the medicine of self evaluation and awareness and trust that their body can heal.

Antibiotics can work but sometimes they don't. And if you find yourself in that situation, then maybe it is time to look at other areas in your life that may be blocking your ability to heal. Adopt a Naturopathic Doctor that specializes in Lyme and commence a protocol that involves physical, emotional and spiritual medicine/ supports and your results are likely to improve.

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