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Diet, Herbs, Nutraceuticals and More

A complete treatment program will consist of multiple interventions.   Naturopathic options include:

1.  Diet  - very important and often overlooked.  Absolutely necessary that Lyme patients follow strict guidelines to help them fight this infection.  Eating foods to support the immune system and eliminating foods that are feeding the infection results in better outcomes and less side effects from antibiotics.

2.  Herbs  / Nutraceuticals  - there are over 50 different medicines that have been show to be effective with Lyme and co-infections.  Your Naturopath will pick combinations that suite your specific case, to ensure you are breaking biofilms or cysts and killing bacteria at the right times.

Different types consist of:

- Killing / Antimicrobial 

- Cyst Busters

- Biofilm degraders

- Immune Stimulants

- Gut Supportive

- Anti-inflammatory

- Neuro-protective

- Detox - Liver and Kidney Support

3.  Hyperthermia - the body will naturally increase the core body temperature during infection to optimize immune system responses and to slow the growth of potential infections.  Hyperthermia helps this process and specific antimicrobrial temperatures can be reached using saunas.  However, this is not safe for everyone and options, or whether you are even a candidate for this treatment can be discussed with Dr. Jason Bachewich ND.

Cosmetic Oils
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