Coordinated care

Antibiotics are the first line intervention for the treatment of Lyme Disease and Co-infections.  Dr. Jason Bachewich ND will coordinate with your family doctor, specialist or out of province MD/ND to assure you get the appropriate medication for the correct amount of time.  

If local cooperation is not possible, you will be referred out of province to see a Lyme specialist for the prescription meds only.

Duration of treatment can range from 2 weeks to over a year, depending on the severity, chronicity and number of infections.


Naturopathic Doctors do not have prescribing rights in the province of Manitoba, however we are trained in their use and can advise your MD on which antibiotics would be effective in treating your case.

For a link to prescribing guidelines by the worlds leading Lyme Doctor Association see

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Dr. Jason is the co-owner of Nature Doctors in Winnipeg and practices with a focus on Lyme disease, co-infections and hidden viral infections.   His life has been personally affected by Lyme disease and it has inspired him to create a clinic providing the best possible care.


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